Design Services

Deep roots in architectural design

The innovation of tensile solar structures lies at the heart of the company’s existence, creating a natural segue to customized solar project designs aligned with surrounding architecture and landscapes. For customers seeking an economic solar suspension system combined with innovative architecture, Conger Solar Systems provides design services to create a perfect solution.

Steven Conger, Conger Solar Systems’ founder and Chief Design Officer, has a long history of unique and acclaimed architectural design and continues to instill a strong aesthetic integrity into the company’s product line. In customizing projects, Steven and his team rely on the fundamentals of Conger Solar Systems’ tensioned cable design to create unique solar structures that address solar capture and project economics, as well as visual harmony.

Steven and his design team are available to discuss design requirements and provide a fixed-price quote for the design effort required. Included in the design package are structural engineering analysis and engineered/stamped drawings, as required. In many cases, our standard design will fit a customer’s needs without customization, in which case project layout assistance is included in the cost of the system.

Please contact us to better understand our design process and how we can add value to your project.