About Conger

The Conger Story


Based in Carbondale, Colorado, Conger Solar Systems was founded in 2010 by Steven Conger and Mary Catherine Conger. For Steven, an architect and protégé of Buckminster Fuller, the creation of Conger Solar Systems aligned with the mission “Bucky” granted him, “to build structures that support humanity.”
Steven formed Conger Solar Systems to realize his innovation of highly-efficient tensile structure design applied to solar energy production at large scale. Issued his first solar patent from the USPTO in 1982, Steven has been designing and patenting solar concepts and structures for decades, receiving 27 US utility and design patents, ultimately filing those patents with leading international intellectual property protection agencies for worldwide patent protection for Conger’s solar structures.

From the beginning, Steven recognized that tensile solar structures inherently create a number of advantages over traditional, rigid, solar racking designs, including:

  • Tensile systems have a higher strength-to-weight ratio thus require less steel for the same strength
  • Tensile structure design is extremely versatile thus it can be applied to a nearly unlimited array of applications
  • Because tensile structures are adept at spanning distances, new applications that were previously impractical and cost-prohibitive become viable
  • Tensile design enables the innovation of solar shade structures that create additional valuable attributes, including evaporation mitigation, surface temperature reduction and UV protection
  • Tensile structures create visual appeal not typically associated with traditional solar installations
Today Conger Solar Systems is a product-focused company offering the solar market new, cost-effective and attractive panel suspension solutions. Conger Solar Systems’ current product line includes tensile solar products for solar systems over: agriculture, aquaculture, canals, parking, and tough ground-mount applications.

Conger Solar Systems is based in Carbondale, Colorado – Photo by Kevin Wenning

Intellectual Property


Conger Solar Systems has made significant investments in a very robust portfolio of patents.  All Conger systems and methods for supporting solar arrays have been granted patents.  The company currently has 16 extensive active US utility patents and 10 design patents that encapsulate the continuous improvement and comprehensive evolution of Conger’s unique solar structures from the first design in 2003 to the most current state-of-the-art system.  Our IP covers everything from the most utilitarian tensioned cable suspension structures to unique aesthetically pleasing solar structure designs that augment and improve upon surrounding architecture.

The appropriate patents have been further filed with and granted by the World Intellectual Property Office, the European Patent Office and select comprehensive patents have been granted specifically in Australia, China, India, Japan, South Africa and South Korea, providing strong worldwide coverage.  

In addition to the general support structure methods and systems for suspending solar arrays with tensioned cables, our patents go beyond foundational elements to increase the value of Conger structures by including:

  • Single and dual axis tracking components to maximize energy production
  • Incorporation of monitoring systems to automate operations and maintenance
  • Unlimited shapes, sizes and installation locations
  • Optional maintenance walkways and wiring for security cameras and under structure maintenance lighting
  • Utilization of advanced materials such as composites and polymeric fibers
  • Evaporation prevention membranes and gutters to save even more water
  • Airfoils to minimize wind load while concentrating and redirecting wind, and
  • Integration of vertical axis windmills for even greater clean, renewable energy, amongst other innovations